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"To put it mildly, PF is where it started for my son, in terms of learning, discipline, and exposure. In the 2yrs that Kyle played for PF, I've watched him GROW, as stated above (it helped that he grew 4" over that period). To see his confidence now, having been EXPOSED to great competition & coaching, it has helped him succeed enormously!!! Can't thank u guys enough...keep doing what your doing!!!!"

Kelly Pitts-Parent

Athlete- Kyle Pitts (University of Florida)

"My experience with Philly’s Finest was a life changing experience for me. The coaches really care about each athlete and take the time to help develop the skills needed to succeed on and off the football field. Once my time at Philly’s Finest ended the coaches did everything possible to help me with the recruiting process. Their college coaching network is extensive. I went on to play college football at Syracuse University. I became a starter my freshman year and team captain my final three years. I owe a lot of that to the coaches and time I spent with Philly’s Finest. The coaches still keep in contact with me and have been supportive."  


Zaire Franklin- Athlete- Indianapolis Colts

"The Philly's Finest organization is one of the best in the Tri-State area. The coaching staff takes pride in their craft which is coaching and teaching young men  how to be leaders on and off the football field.

This organization will continue to grow and produce more good talent with the continued support of the parents and coaching staff."


Charles Headen- Parent

"I found the Philly’s Finest experience to be tremendously rewarding for both my son and I. Four words come to my mind when reflecting upon that experience.


Competition:   The young men on the team are the best skill players in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. They are all alpha’s. They push each other to get better. There is nowhere to coast and hide on this team. Remember, iron sharpen iron.

Camaraderie:  Some of the young men on the team are school teammates, but most are not. This organization provides an opportunity to kids who are on a similar journey but come from different schools and environments to interact, support one another, and build a brotherhood. Heck, I even met some great parents that were on a similar journey as myself! My son, now in college, still keeps in contact with and roots for many of his Philly’s Finest teammates even though they might have been opponents on any given autumn Friday or Saturday in High School.

Coaches: The coaches are committed to the development of the young men and truly love the game. Too numerous to count were the high school games of my son that a Philly’s Finest coach was in the stands. The coaches always made themselves available when my son wanted to talk and they’d check in on him from time to time after a tough loss or even when he was just quiet for too long.

College: Through competing and winning comes an increased chance of visibility. The coaches have numerous contacts across the NCAA Divisions I, II & III. They’ve sent my son’s info to coaches and been a reference for him. They’ve advised him and picked his spirits up when that offer from Alabama did not come in. They were also there to celebrate the scholarship offers he did receive."


Joe Rinella-Parent

"As parents we could not ask for a better Coaching staff and team to be apart of. Philly’s Finest was a great opportunity for our son to play football with the best of the best from the Philadelphia area. From the Coaching staff to the players, they are truly PHILLY’S FINEST.  Thank You Coach Taylor and Darden for being true advocates for all of your players to succeed in football, school and most importantly in life.


Thanks for everything you have done for my son Mike Neeko Hnatkowsky. (Penn Charter 2017)"


Mike (Neeko) Hnatkowsky Sr.-Parent

Athlete-Mike (Neeko) Hnatkowsky Jr. (Muhlenberg College)

"Without the help of Philly’s Finest I would not be the person I am today. Not only has PF enhanced my football abilities but it also helped me develop and mature as a young man. Coach E taught me that nothing in life is handed to you, and sometimes you have to be willing to move outside your comfort zone in order to achieve great things. The resume speaks for itself. Every player I have met through this organization has been successful athletically and academically at their respective colleges/universities, and this is no accident. All of the success I’ve had on the field is mainly because of the work I put in and the help of this program. There’s is no better choice. Choose Philly’s Finest. #PF"


Winston B. Eubanks- Athlete (Shippensburg University)

"Playing for Philly Finest was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Philly Finest is a great organization to be apart and is an experience a lot of athletes never get. Philly Finest has helped me develop into the player I am today. I have made a lot of relationships with guys and coaches from schools other than my high school that I attended. Philly Finest is the best 7 on 7 program on the East Coast. Not only has it helped me on the field but it has helped me off the field as a man. Philly Finest also sends all of its players to college on all levels of collegiate football."


Charles Headen Jr. -Athlete (Shippensburg University)

"My experience with Philly's Finest was absolutely great. My son loved it so much that he couldn’t wait to get back at it the next year. Each year he developed the skills of being a good football player but most of all as a good person. Putting him in front of quality coaches like Coach E, Tobias, and People’s gave him the qualities of being strong, disciplined, and a strong leader. The organization has grown to multiple teams, which has created friendly competitive relationships. For example, after  an HS football game this year the Philly's Finest players from both teams took nice group photo."


Gary Holland-Parent

Athlete- Troy Holland-Sacred Heart University

"My time with Philly’s Finest was one of a kind. You create a bond with others that share the same passion as you, and are all trying acquire the same goal. The coaching you receive while playing for this organization is phenomenal. Every coach has prior experience to helping out this organization. Coaches will do everything in their power to help you reach your goal, they will contact as many schools as possible to make sure you get the exposure you deserve. They teach you how to become a man and to take care of your business. They also teach you how to have fun with the game, and just to enjoy the time you have while you play with your brothers. Even after you are done playing for the team, they still are actively apart of your life and check up on you to make sure everything is going okay. You also gain and receive long time friendships with the people you meet through the years you play." 

Athlete-Anthony Mirabile (Waynesburg College)

Philly’s Finest 16

"Coach E is a excellent coach that takes the time to know each player and develop their skills. The 7vs7 program helps young boys turn into responsible young men. The coaching staff is designed to help each individual become the best athlete that they can become. Another great thing is that these young people are from different ethnic backgrounds. The players travel and get to meet people from all over the country. It gives the players a chance to see other neighborhoods and environments. I know Coach E has developed a relationship with each one of these young men and is a well rounded role model for our young man . This program is so strong I recommend all young men that love football will benefit from this program. This program also provides mentors and trains the leaders of tomorrow."                              


Anthony Richardson -God Parent

Athlete- Mark Webb-University of Georgia

"As the father of a Finest player these young men were taught a game I loved. The coaches are impeccable, they keep in contact with the players even after they graduate. The coaches are the best. Even as a parent I still keep in contact with them. They are the best or should I say the “Finest”."


Nick Mirable-Parent

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